Tuesday, February 23, 2010

CPAC 2010 - My thoughts

Well, I just watched Glenn Beck's keynote address at CPAC, and let me tell ya. This man is spot on in all his comments about the state of the GOP and America in general.

When I first started I wondered what he was going to do. Was he going to be nice to the GOP, or was he going to be his normal pull no punches self. Well within the first couple of minutes he was slamming (without naming him) John McCain and his admiration for a certain progressive president. At that point I was glad to see that he is not going to pull a punch about anything.

He brought his now trademarked blackboard to the platform and it was met with a "standing O". He taught about the dangers of the Progressive movement that is facing our Country, Future, and Constitution. He talked about the pride that all of us as Americans should feel for our country. We should not try to be more like Europe, they should look to us, Glenn Proudly proclaimed, and I must say. I agree!

As I was watching the 50 minute speech I thought to my own convictions, and where I stand on the current political climate. The message I got, well at least on the them, is that we need to stop accepting the status quo of "good enough" and a little better when it come to the quality of politician we elect. We need to hold our politicians to a high standard, and we need to make sure that the polices set in place are held to that same standard. What standard is that? The standards set in the constitution. We need to completely eradicate the progressive and unconstitutional behavior from Washington DC.

He spoke about mans right to fail. He spoke about how it is a a right to fail and that we should not be stripped of that right. In fact he proclaimed that for the Govt. to do so is harmful to America and its path to success. I have to say, I agree!

If you want to see the speech, then you can watch it here

Friday, April 24, 2009

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Debt and the Economy

For years Americans have been living in a world of gratification.  The "buy now, pay later" mentality has become a way of life for many if not most of Americans today.  However, times are changing and it is happening even if most of us don't want it to.  

In years past, lets say in 2006, a person would go into a store looking at a TV, or to a car lot to get a new car, and when they are weighing the ability to buy said item the thought process may have gone a little something like the following.

"how much down, and how much a month?"

"I can make those payments"

"will my FICO score be approved so I can get this?"

"hmmm I could really use another way to boost my credit."

These are the thoughts of times past, times when all a person needed to do was make the monthly payments.  Never mind the fact that any given person could not pay for said item all at once, it just mattered that they could make the payments.  

America has been in a world were "credit money" or "imaginary money" is what was used to pay for items.  Goods were exchanged for money on a credit card or a loan, to later be repaid in smaller easy to make payments.  Cars that cost 35,000 dollars were being sold to people who made 40,000 dollars a year.  Didn't matter that the person could not pay for it, they just needed to make the payments.

Times have changed though.  All that "Credit Money" has come due, and the lender need it all back.  The problem is, it was never really there to give back.  The sub-prime market should not have gotten loans that they could not repay, they should not have be approved, but alas they were.  Now that this money has come due and it is not there to repay the bubble has BURST!  

All this supposed "wealth" that we thought that we had is now gone and we want to keep it, and make it the way that it was a few years ago.  The problem is, it can't go back to the way that it was.  We were living in an artificial economy, with reality being much lower than where credit allowed it to be.

What is the point of all this discombobulated rhetoric?  I guess to get this off of my chest.  We all are quick to blame the "free market" or "the US Government for all of our problems.  We are all quick to pass the buck onto others, and I have been there myself, but we are all overlooking one very important thing.  It is not just "someone Else's" fault, we are to blame as well, and we all have an equal part in this together. 

Even though we caused this, WE can fix it.  Not the clowns in Washington, or the higher ups on Wall Street.  We the People can fix this.  Will it be hard?  Sure it will.  Will we need to go without?  Yes, we will most certainly go without some things, but I ask you now.  Is that a bad thing?  Is it ok to hear that ancient word spoken to us?  That word that many of us have forgotten. The word is "no", and we should and will hear a lot more of it in the coming days.  But we the people can fix this, and that is were I am looking for answers, not the Hill in Washington DC.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Life As A Conservative

Going through life as a conservative is a very interesting thing indeed.  There are so many emotions that go with being a conservative that is makes going throughout life in this day an age an adventure that is for sure.  A Roller coaster of emotions would be a good way to describe it.

First of all, at the present time I have felt like I have had to be in hiding, only sharing my views with those that are of the same mind-set on the Internet.  Why is this?  There are a great many number of things that cause this emotion that I don't want to get into at this time.  I would rather just talk about what it feels like to be Conservative.

When conservatives are in control of the White House or Congress I feel attacked.  Like I am some sort of a hateful, prejudice person.  When conservatives are the minority I feel . . . well the same thing just in a more intense way.  When we are in the majority I feel that it is so hard to get the things we really need to help our Country done, and when we are the minority I feel like my rights and liberties are constantly being stripped from me one at a time.  

Right now, at the present time, that is how I feel.  Like I am losing my Country to some set of ideals that the United States was not founded upon.  I feel like I am alone in having faith in the system that our forefathers created.  There are so many other people in the world that want to change America, to make it something that it never was, and and what it never should be. 

As a conservative I take great pride in my country.  America is the greatest nation on this earth, and I am proud the be part of it.  I feel great devotion and very protective of our wonderful country and what it was built upon.  I don't feel the need to answer to other countries for being the best, and the leader of the world.  I feel the need to have our country lead the world.  Not for some new world order, but to lead the world to apply the same wonderful and God inspired values that our country was built upon.

I watch the news every day and I feel sad, I feel heartbroken that the beliefs that I was taught growing up about how our country worked are being stripped one at a time, and I can see it on the news.  I feel sad that there are people out there that are trying the "change" our country, and to make it what the rest of the world wants it to be.  Mediocre. 

Is it really that important that we hold true to our core beliefs and not compromise on them?  Is it really essential that we fight to defend our country from ourselves?  Is it really right what is going on in our country?  

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

finaly someon asks the tough questions


If only more people would point out what is happening with these politicians 

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Big Love thoughts

It seems more and more that I am seeing people of my faith (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints - LDS) write different things about the upcoming Big Love TV episode which will feature some content that is showing sacred portions of LDS Ordinances.  

People continue to organize groups to boycott, Time Warner, HBO and AOL as a result.  They move to file complaints with the FCC, and just in general speak ill of the entire situation and all of the those that are involved.  I guess I can give my views on the whole issue however, I don't think that I am going to be of the same opinion as most of the other outspoken people.

Do I like that the HBO series "Big Love" is going to show things of a sacred nature?  No, of course I do not.  I am not saying that I condone the actions at all.  Do I like it when there are protesters parading around Temple Square in SLC during General Conference with Garments making a mockery of it?  No, of course I do not.  I however don't give them the satisfaction of a reaction from myself, which is the very same counsel the leaders of the LDS Church gives also.  We should treat all with kindness, and respect, and just because others don't do it to us, that does not mean that we should let go so quickly of our feelings.  

The Show "Big Love" is a popular show, yes.  However, it is not that popular.  Compare it to a show like American Idol, 24, Lost, 30 Rock, The Office, Monday Night Football and it does not even compare in viewers.  I am of the opinion to just let it go with them.  It will blow over and in 1 year no one will even talk about it or think about it.  They are not doing it to be malicious in nature, and I am not saying that one should support it.  I am just saying do as the Church Counseled its members.  Do nothing, and just let it be.  It will have no effect on the church and the Lords work here on the earth.  

When I first heard about this I was reminded of a story that was shared in a General conference by Gordon B. Hinckly about being slow to Anger which I will quote and then leave be.

Once a man who had been slandered by a newspaper came to Edward Everett asking what to do about it. 

Said Everett, “Do nothing! Half the people who bought the paper never saw the article. Half of those who saw it, did not read it. Half of those who read it, did not understand it. Half of those who understood it, did not believe it. Half of those who believed it are of no account anyway”

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Conservatives in Hiding

It seems that I have become part the underground Conservative party.  I am part of a group of people that believe so many things that once were part of the foundation of our great country, but has now faded into that grey area that can be "adjusted" as we see fit.

As a conservative in hiding, I find that I must be careful what I say in public as I may be accused being and uneducated buffoon.  If I say what I think to people about what I see to be reality, and fact I am ridiculed, and told that I am a hateful person, that does not want to see people be the best that they can.  Well that could not be further from what I hold to be true.  In these times, I feel that the very core of Americas beliefs set forth by our founding fathers are being tried and tested.  

As a part of this post I want to do something that I did a long time ago, but I think needs to be re-done.  I am going to type my list of things that I believe, and here they are.

1. I believe that the "Pursuit of happiness" reads as it says, and not "the guarantee of happiness."
2. I believe that most people do not know what is is the constitution as they have not read it only once or twice in high school or not at all.
3. That it is a god given right to fail, and to fail really bad.  It is also a person right to get THEMSELVES up and go and win.
4. If we take someone right to fail away, as a result mans right to succeed is also taken from us.
5. Obama is a liar, and one of best the world has ever seen
6. Things must ALWAYS get worse before they can get better
7. Gay marriage is wrong no matter how they feel, there is nothing that is right about it
8. It is mans right to be stupid
9. It is mans right to be as smart as he can
10. It is a mans right to make people pay for services
11. NOTHING in life is free
12. Welfare is abused and Democrats use it as a tool to gain votes, and as a result that ones that really do need some sort of assistance are denied for it.
12. McCain was a bad choice as well as Obama
13. Obama is worse
14. Most of Obamas supporters don't have a clue
15. the fairness doctrine is censorship, contrary what the Democrats would have people think
16. President Obama, and the Democratic party, and CNN has on more than one occasion mad a mockery of the office of the presidency.
17. Obama made a bold faced lie about what kind of people he would elect to his cabinet
18. If a Republican made the same nominations the News networks would crucify him/her
19. I DON'T GIVE A FLIP THAT BARRAK IS BLACK.  IT DOES NOT MATTER TO ME!  Not because I am racist but because I am not racist, and if you don't get that I am not going to explain it.  
20. If govt spending was the key to a strong economy then we would have the strongest economy in the world
21. Fighting the Iraq war was the right thing to do.  
22. Bush made many mistake as all Presidents do, but I am Proud of the job that he did. 
23. If I met President Bush I would shake his hand and tell him that I never did not support him, I stood by him always.  (I hope that one day I get that honer)
24. I would shake President Obmamas hand out of respect only, and that is it
25. Obamamania makes me want to puke
26. I am sick of people thinking that President Obama is our saviour and the most glorious person ever to walk the earth
27. I am sick of Govt. hypocrisy. (from both sides)
28. Job Biden is not even remotely close to an Average Person, he doesn't have a clue.
29. No one in govt is like that.
30. I still don't understand how preventing the spread of STD's will help the economy
31. That woman who asked Obama for a house got a very different treatment because she was Democrat and appealing to progressive socialist ideals.  If she was a Republican I imagine much like Joe the Plumber.
32. Democrats are scared of Conservatives with opinions, and I think they want all of us to be silenced
33. Glenn Beck, Rush, and all the others I think are right on
34. Nancy Pelosi can't be our best choice for a speaker.  
35. People should speak English in this country
36. Universal Health care is a bad idea
37. Free Health care is not a right
38. Free Food is not a right
39. People should not be forced to help others
40. Guns should not be taken away from the people
41. The Constitution is NOT a living document.  The Lord inspired it, and I don't thin he was wrong
42. The day that we start removing God from society, and Govt. that is the day we begin preparing the destruction of our Country.
43. Terrorist do not have Rights
44. POW's don't have rights.  
45. Our Enemies are not playing by the same set of rules
46. We are at war right now, and it is a bigger more deadly war that most people realize
47. I am scared of what Obama and other Socialistic Govt leaders are going to do to our country
48. Obama is Wrong
49. It pains me to see people fail, and if I can I wan to help them.  However I want to see them fail so that they can get up and be better for it.
50. I have failed and I learned the most from the times that I was down.  Yea it was hard, and I don't want to do it again, but I never would want someone to Rob me of those experiences.

That is all for now.  Please feel free to add to this list in comments yourself.  God bless the USA, and May we all open our eyes and see what is right in front of us.